Library Author

console4cats fs2-rabbit http4s-jwt-auth http4s-tracer redis4cats

  • console4cats: Effect-type agnostic Console I/O for Cats Effect.
  • fs2-rabbit: RabbitMQ stream-based client built on top of Fs2.
  • http4s-jwt-auth: Opinionated JWT authentication library for Http4s.
  • http4s-tracer: End to end tracing system for Http4s.
  • redis4cats: Redis client for Cats Effect & Fs2.
  • split-morphism: Lenses extension: split epimorphisms and split monomorphisms.

Scala OSS contributions

dotty cats-effect http4s fs2 circe fs2-cassandra metals zio

  • I have mainly contributed to FP libraries of the Typelevel ecosystem.

Haskell OSS contributions

hasbolt morpheus-graphql unison

  • I’ve mainly contributed to the libraries I’ve used for some of my OSS applications.

Open Source applications

smart-backpacker exchange-rates musikell

  • Creator of the Smart Backpacker idea, Android app and backend.
  • Exchange rates API written in Haskell using Redis as a cache.
  • GraphQL and Neo4j API written in Haskell that retrieves data from Spotify.



  • Unofficial Giter8 template for the Typelevel Stack (Http4s / Doobie / Circe / Cats Effect / Fs2) based on Cats v1.x.x.